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Richard and Melanie - Owners Big Bite Dutch Treats

Big Bite featured on marketing website

Marketing agency Hunter & Scribe have featured us on their blog! Read the story the below:

Award-winning small business gets state-wide media coverage

Richard and Melanie - Owners Big Bite Dutch TreatsLike most small business owners, Richard and Melanie Smit have to juggle multiple roles.

To most people, they’re known as the owners of Big Bite Dutch Treats, which bakes the best stroopwafels and traditional Dutch treats.

But, they joke, they also serve as administrators, bakers, cleaners, packers, customer service officers and motivational speakers (mostly to each other).

“We love what we do and we keep creating new products,” Richard and Melanie say.

“Our biscuits have won two awards in the Hobart Fine Food Show. As a result, an article was published in the newspaper Tasmania-wide.”

Big Bite gets big impact from social media marketing

That free media coverage was the biggest marketing success Big Bite Dutch Treats has enjoyed.

Big Bite Dutch Treats also markets itself through Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Google My Business posts, media releases and EDMs. 

Richard and Melanie say the Facebook and Instagram posts are their most successful type of marketing.

“Besides new products, our posts include a lot of updates about us in the business and how the business is growing. We let the audience experience our growth, challenges and achievements,” they explain.

Big Bite needs to improve its copywriting

Big Bite Dutch Treats, like other small businesses, also faces its share of marketing challenges.

Richard and Melanie run both a webshop and a mobile food operation. Trading from different shows, events and markets around Tasmania makes it a challenge for them to build up a base of returning customers.

They also feel they need to improve their written content marketing.

“Our newsletter needs improvement and we need to make it monthly,” they explain.

“We need to learn that articles in the newsletter need calls-to-action and that we need to direct people to our website.”


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