Big Bite Dutch Treats - first day of trade

Celebrating: Two years in business!

Big Bite Dutch Treats - first day tradeWe still remember our first day of trading. Or what was supposed to be our first day: we arrived at the Evandale market and it was bucketing down..... We didn't set up and turned around. The next week we did set up, and people asked if we were a franchise. What a compliment for a first day! Shortly after that, we started going to the New Norfolk market. We were honoured and super exited when we were asked to join the Launceston Night Market! Then we were overwhelmed by such a big crowd.. Now we just think of other ways can we increase trade and how to be more efficient.

After hitting a grey roo on the way to New Norfolk we re-evaluated how we worked and where we trade. We moved to doing shows and events, the only regular market we are still doing is the Exeter Market. 

Big Bite Dutch Treats - owners Richard and MelanieCan you see the difference in the two photos? We have so much more equipment: pie-warmer, deep fryer, display fridge, lights, fancier eftpos machine etc. After three months we couldn't fit it in the car anymore. So we bought a little trailer. Now both the car and trailer are chock-a-block full! We are dreaming about a bigger trailer (well... actually we dream about a food van but we have to be realistic.)...  

We love hearing all the stories from our customers: how someone came on the boat to Australia in the 50's, how grandma used to bake oliebollen, the smell of speculaas that takes someone back to their childhood and more! 

Share your story below, we would love to hear it! 

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Congratulations 2 years that is fantastic I was involved starting the New Norfolk Market I am sure you are missed there as your speculaas were amazing continue making people happy stay safe

Margaret Gaby

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