Jan Hagel - Jan hail Biscuits - Big Bite Dutch Treats
Jan hail biscuits - Jan hagel koek - Big Bite Dutch Treats

Jan Hail biscuits / Jan Hagel

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Topped with flaked almonds and hail sugar, these crunchy cinnamony biscuits are a real treat! 

Dutch biscuit trivia

Pronounced Yahn Hahgel.

The name doesn't really do justice to such a moorish and crunchy biscuit. From the 17th century Jan Hagel was an unfriendly word for 'ordinary' folks and in particular it was used as slang for sailors and scum or riffraff. In the Dutch version of 'The adventures of Tin Tin' Captain Haddock uses this word a lot. In the second world war it was used to describe land guards. 

Despite the negative uses of 'Jan Hagel, this biscuit remains a favourite afternoon tea delight. We promise: you can't just eat one... 

Product details

  • Net weight: 135g
  • 12 in a pack
  • WARNING contains: wheat, milk, egg, nuts