Dutch edible paper - ouwel - Big BIte Dutch Treats
Ouwel - Dutch edible paper - Big BIte Dutch Treats

Ouwel / eetpapier / edible paper / wafer paper

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Unsweetened edible paper. In the Netherlands we call this Ouwel.  

Dutch ouwel trivia

We use this paper with our Kokos Kransen / Coconut rings. It is also used for kokosmakronen, paleisbanket, nougat etc.
Some people call it rice paper, however, that is not right. This is made of potato starch, olive oil and water.  

Product details

  • Net weight: 30g
  • 1 pack contains 12 sheets (size: 15.5cm x 23.5cm)
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • sugar and gluten free