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Abricola - Apricot round on serving dish - dutch pastry - big bite dutch treats

Apricot round / Abricola

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The abricola is a delicious pastry with a French frangipane (almond) filling. It is topped with an apricot halve and glazed with lemon. We drizzle our abricolas with white chocolate. This is one of our personal favourites! Fresh, tangy and surprisingly light, abricola is not only great for morning or afternoon tea, it is also a great dessert. 

Dutch Apricot Round Trivia

Biggest difference between the French frangipane almond paste and Dutch almond paste is the ratio between almond, sugar and flour. 

In the Netherlands almond paste is regularly replaced with banketbakkers spijs, this does not contain almonds but ground apricot pits. We only use almond paste in our products. 

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  • serves 1 person
  • WARNING contains: egg, wheat flour, milk, nuts


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