diy speculaas giftpack - mould spices and instructions - Big Bite Dutch Treats
diy speculaas gift pack layed out - Big Bite Dutch Treats
Speculaas plank - Dutch biscuit mould - small male figure - Big BIte Dutch Treats
Speculaas plank - Biscuit mould - small female figure - Big Bite Dutch Treats
Biscuit mould - windmill small - Big Bite Dutch Treats

Diy speculaas gift pack

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Make your own speculaas the traditional way. This pack includes an authentic recipe and instructions to use the mould.  

Dutch spiced biscuit trivia

Did you know the rice flour is used to dust the mould to ensure the dough doesn't stick? If you use wheat flour it would stain the speculaas, rice flour you can just brush off. 

To maintain your wooden mould, regularly oil it with a food grade oil. We have done the first session for you with orange oil. 

Product details

- 1 pack contains: 1 jar of biscuit spices (60g), 1 small mould, 1 pouch with rice flour (33g), speculaas recipe, instructions how to use the mould
- Choose from 3 different moulds: windmill (61mmx40mm), male figurine (43mm x 105mm) , female figurine (43mm x 105mm)