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The Ultimate Drop Box (17 different kinds of drop!)

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This is the drop lovers dream! With seventeen different kinds of Dutch liquorice in one box. Carefully selected and wether you keep it to yourself, or send it as an awesome gift it is an experience to unpack and eat! Ready for gift giving, wrapped in tissue paper and a gift box. 

We will add a handwritten postcard to the box with your message on it! 

What is in the box?  

Sugar coated drop mix (gesuikerde mix): 

  • krakelingen (Donkers): pretzel shaped sugar coated mild salty liquorice 
  • griotten (CCI): soft cubes with a light liquorice-root flavour, marshmallow texture, coated in fine sugar

Mixed bag sweet liquorice (zoete drop): 

  • katjes drop (Venco): a strong aniseed and liquorice flavour, hard liquorice, cat shaped
  • munt drop (Venco): hard and sweet liquorice coins
  • boerderij drop (Venco): farmer themed liquorice that is hard and slightly salty with the long lasting taste of liquorice and aniseed. 
  • honing (Venco) drop: sweet liquorice with the sweet taste of natural honey
  • krijt (Venco) drop: this chalk shaped liquorice is crunchy and minty on the outside, sweet aniseed on the inside

Salty liquorice mix/ zoute drop mix

  • dubbel zoute drop (Venco): intense double salted liquorice with a hint of aniseed in the shape of small bricks 
  • salmiak poen/ money (K&H): also known as 'salmiak duiten' or 'riksen'. Chewy salmiak coins.
  • salmiak rocks (K&H): short sweet tubes with a burst of sweet salmiak on the inside
  • fortisal (triple salt) (K&H): a firm  double salted strong tasting liquorice in rectangular shape with the words forti (double) and Sal (salt) on it
  • diamond double salt (K&H): these soft, chewy liquorice diamonds are moderately salty and have a medium soft texture

Individually wrapped / Verpakte mix

  • drop Napoleon: a hard liquorice ball, filled with liquorice powder
  • drop toffees (Van Melle):  soft and chewy toffees, with a mild salmiak (salty) taste and no real sweetness

And last but not least: 

Salty herrings liquorice / zoute haringen drop (K&H): salty chewy herring shaped liquorice

Tikkels (black) (Venco): crunchy liquorice coating, soft liquorice inside 

Dropstok (Holland Foodz): a hard candy stick with light drop flavour

Where to write your personal message? 

Go to your cart, at the bottom left you will find a text-box. 
Type your personal message in the box. (make sure you include your name!)
We will hand write the message on the card and add the card to your order. 

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 1450g
  • Menu included
  • We will hand write your personal message on a postcard
  • 17 different kinds of liquorice in a gift box
  • WARNING contains: wheat, sulphite