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Add a postcard with a personal message

Add a postcard with a personal message

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A personal and unique touch to your Dutch gift! You can send birthday wishes, wish someone well, or say thank you with your own personal message. We will make it extra personal: we will hand write the message for you on the card. 
Make some one happy with a gift and card! 

How does it work? 

Add the postcard to your cart. 
Go to your cart, at the bottom left you will find a text-box. 
Type your personal message in the box. (make sure you include your name!)
We will hand write the message on the card and add the card to your order. 
Note: The packing slip does not contain any pricing.

Dutch postcard trivia

It is a custom in The Netherlands to add a card to your gift. Even when you give your gift in person! 

Product details

  • 1 postcard
  • your personal message on the card, hand written by us
  • the card is made from recycled paper
  • environmentally friendly printed


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