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Easy out tin with cutter / Boterkoek vorm (with free recipe)

Easy out tin with cutter / Boterkoek vorm (with free recipe)

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This is the one and only way to make boterkoek (Dutch butter cake). With any other pan or tin you will risk breaking the boterkoek when releasing. Bake your boterkoek with this traditional tin, let it cool down in the tin, turn the lever a full 360 degrees and you will get your boterkoek out in one go! 

This is a must for baking this traditional Dutch treat. 

This heavy duty cake pan is suitable for heavy and intense use so you can keep on baking boterkoeken! Made by Dutch brand Patisse, over 40 years of experience in bakeware and bake accessories.

The exact history of the boterkoek is unknown but according to the cookbook 'De Joodse Keuken' (the Jewish kitchen) by Claudia Roden, the Jewish people brought the boterkoek with them from Spain and Portugal in the 17th or 18th century.   

Product details: 

  • Diameter 23 cm, 9 inches, height 2.5 cm, 1 inch
  • Free boterkoek/ Dutch butter cake recipe included
  • Unique quick release lever 
  • Non-stick surface
  • Use to a temperature of up to 230C
  • Gently clean with soft cloth or sponge and soap, do not scrub
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