Dutch processed cocoa powder - nederlandse cacoa poeder
Dutch processed cocoa powder - nederlandse cacao poeder

Cacao poeder / Dutch-processed cocoa powder

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Dutch processed cocoa powder gives a more intense chocolatey flavour than natural cocoa powder. It is widely used in many Dutch recipes. We use it, for example, in our chocolade stroopkoeken (chewy caramel chocolate biscuits).  

Dutch cocoa powder trivia

Dutch cocoa powder is darker in color, and dissolves easily into liquids.

Cocoa powder is naturally acidic. The Dutch invented a process to give the cocoa powder a neutral PH. Because it is neutral in PH it does not react with baking soda, so it is often used in combination with baking powder to leaven your baking.

Did you know Oreo cookies are made with Dutch cocoa powder?

Product details 

  • Net weight 300g
  • 1 resealable pouch