diy curry ketchup - gewurz ketchup - Big BIte Dutch Treats
diy curry ketchup - gewurz ketchup - shown in 2 condiment bowls - Big Bite Dutch Treats
patatje met curry ketchup - chips with curry ketchup tomato sauce - Big Bite Dutch Treats

DIY Curry ketchup / Curry gewurz ketchup / Curry sauce

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This Curry ketchup is a unique tasting condiment! Add your own favourite brand of tomato sauce and a little water to our mix to create your own. 

Use it on your grilled sausages, bratwurst, hot dog, hamburger, frikandel, chips, toasted sandwich or anything savoury really! Our favourite is dipping our cheese and ham toasties in curry sauce.. Yum!
Very popular in the Netherlands is patatje speciaal or speciaaltje (chips with special sauce): top your chips with mayonaise, curry ketchup and finely chopped raw onions. 

Dutch curry ketchup trivia:

Curry ketchup is originally from Germany, but also very common in Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.  

Curry ketchup was invented by Herta Heuwer  in 1949 in Germany.She observed the American soldiers using a lot of ketchup on their fries and the British soldiers used a lot of curry powder seasoning. That's how curry ketchup was born. In 1959 it was patented under the name 'Chillup', a combination of chilisaus and ketchup).

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 66g
  • Resealable pouch
  • This makes 250ml Curry ketchup
  • Just add water and tomato sauce as per the instructions 
  • WARNING contains: wheat
  • Free shipping