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Dutch hot chocolate mix

Dutch hot chocolate mix

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Make your own 'warme chocolade melk'  (Dutch hot chocolate)! A perfect winter warmer. This mix makes a whopping 3 liters of hot chocolate! Do like the Dutchies and add a big dollop of whipped cream on top. 

Silver medal winner 2023 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!
Silver medal winner 2021 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!

Our hot chocolate mix is based on Dutch cocoa powder which makes it a lighter hot chocolate but rich in taste and smooth in flavour.

Dutch hot chocolate trivia

During the 18th century, Dutch merchants controlled virtually the entire trade in cocoa beans. Amsterdam developed into the most important cocoa port in the world and thereby stimulated a local cocoa industry.
In the 19th century the Dutch man C.J. van Houten developed the cocoa press, a method to remove fat from cocoa beans. Also know as the Dutch proces of alkalisation. Dutch processed cocoa has a neutral ph, and is not acidic like natural cocoa.

Did you know that the ports in Amsterdam transfer 650 thousand tons cocoa every year? 

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  • Net weight of chocolate mix: 310g
  • In resealable pouch
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