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Dutch old skool sweets box

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All the Dutch classics in one box! 6 different classics with a variety of flavours: from coffee to cinnamon to mint. You will sure taste the Netherlands with this one! 

Carefully selected and wether you keep it to yourself, or send it as an awesome gift it is an experience to unpack and eat! Ready for gift giving, wrapped in tissue paper and a gift box. 

We will add a handwritten postcard to the box with your message on it! 

What is in the box?

  • Haagsche hopjes: Dutch hard sweet with a slight coffee and caramel flavour
  • Drop toffees: soft and chewy, with a mild salmiak (salty) taste and no real sweetness
  • Wilhelmina pepermunt: These Mints are known for their unique and fresh taste with a royal note. This hard mint is a real Dutch favourite.
  • Zeeuwse boter babbelaars / butter candy: a boiled sweet with a soft buttery taste
  • kaneelstok: cinnamon candy stick
  • dropstok: liquorice candy stick

Where to write your personal message? 

Go to your cart, at the bottom left you will find a text-box. 
Type your personal message in the box. (make sure you include your name!)
We will hand write the message on the card and add the card to your order. 

Product details: 

  • 6 different Dutch sweets  
  • net weight: 788g
  • We will hand write your personal message on a postcard
  • menu included
  • WARNING contains: dairy