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Liquorice fruit combo / Dropfruit duo’s

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The combination of half wine gum, half Dutch liquorice (drop) makes the fruitduo so irresistible. The wine gum comes in three flavours: pineapple, strawberry and orange. The liquorice is soft and sweet. 

Made by Red Band, with the famous slogan 'Als je voor pret bent' ('if you want to have fun', but in English it sounds lame, because it doesn't rhyme) 

Dutch fruitduo trivia

Wine gums have never contained wine. The inventor of the wine gum gave the them the following names because of the colours: port, sherry, champagne, claret and burgundy. And that's why they were called wine gums. 

Product details

  • 1 sealed bag
  • Net weight 250g 
  • Natural colouring and flavouring
  • Gluten free