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Cast iron poffertjes pan for little Dutch pancakes / Giet ijzeren poffertjes pan

Cast iron poffertjes pan for little Dutch pancakes / Giet ijzeren poffertjes pan

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Make your own little Dutch pancakes! This cast iron pan has excellent heat distribution and will bake the best poffertjes!
The blue enamel on the bottom doesn't just look awesome but also ensures you can use it on any heat source. This the only poffertjes pan available that makes 19 poffertjes at the same time. 

You can also use it in the oven, for example to make escargots. 

The Relance poffertjes pan is made by Dutch company Redelaar (since 1972).  

How to use your poffertjes pan: 

Fill every dimple three quarters with batter. Usually when you have filled the last dimple, the first poffertje will be ready to turn. They are ready to turn once the top of the poffertje is drying out.

How to clean your poffertjes pan: 

Under hot water with a non abrasive brush, dry with paper towel, this will help the pan to build up a protective natural layer. Do NOT use detergent to clean the pan.

Dutch Poffertjes trivia

There are pans around that look like the Dutch poffertjes pan, but they are actually Japanese Takoyaki pans. The dimples are bigger and deeper! 

Technically this is not a pan as it does not have a handle, we would call it a poffertjes plaat.

Product details

  • Diameter: 24cm, 9.5inch
  • Suitable for all heat sources: electric, halogen, induction, ceramic and gas   
  • 19 dimples for 19 poffertjes
  • Including instructions on how to season your pan. 
  • Cast iron with blue enamel bottom


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