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Aap-noot-mies grocery bag / boodschappen tas

Aap-noot-mies grocery bag / boodschappen tas

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Shop in style with this sturdy fabric shopping bag! The long handles it will easily hang on your shoulder. This retro looking shopping tote shows a Dutch reading board ('lees plankje') as used in the first half of the 20th century in class rooms. 

Dutch aap-noot-mies trivia

Richard had an aunt named 'Mies', just like the name on the reading board!
Early 20th century there was a Catholic version developed of the reading board (aap - roos - zeef ....) . We haven't been able to find information why they developed their own. 

Read more about the reading board here. 

Product details: 

  • Size: 33 x 41cm, 13 x 16.1 inches
  • Material: fabric
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