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Holland cookie cutter set (3pcs) / Holland uitsteker set

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All the things the Dutch are famous for: a windmill, a tulip and a cow in one cutter set! A whole Dutch scenery in one go!  This cookie cutter set of 3 pieces will surely bring back memories of The Netherlands.                     

Decorate your Holland cookies with coloured fondant or icing to make them stand out. Why not make your biscuits really Dutch and make them of speculaas with our own blend of speculaas spices. 

Dutch cutter set trivia

The Dutch government has made the decision that since January the 1st 2020 we shouldn't say Holland any more but The Netherlands. 
Historically Holland existed of only 2 states, and The Netherlands refers to all states. 

Product details:

  • 3 cutters: windmill (9.5 cm, 3.7 inches), cow (7 cm, 2.8 inches) and tulip (5.5 cm, 2.17 inches)
  • The tulip and cow are stainless steel: dishwasher safe
  • The windmill is tinplate: hand wash only