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Kokindjes / soft liquorice buttons

Kokindjes / soft liquorice buttons

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Kokindje is an awesome soft sweet liquorice button. It has hints of liquorice root, chamomile, sage and gentian. It is great for those who like a tasty liquorice but not too strongly flavoured. 
We think that is one of those lesser known treasures. 

Made by Katja

Dutch Kokindje trivia

Volgens directeur T. Fassin van Royal Fassin dankt het dropje de naam aan een medewerker genaamd Ko, die de snoepjes aan zijn "kindjes" gaf. In 2017 bestond het snoepje vijftig jaar.[1
According to the CEO T. Fassin of Royal Fassin (who owns Katja) the little liquorice button ' Kokindje' got its name because an employee named 'Ko' gave liquorice to this 'kindjes' (children). 
In 2017 Kokindje celebrated it's 50th birthday. 

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 250g
  • 1 sealed bag
  • May contain traces of dairy
  • Note: vegetarian, natural flavours 
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