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Coconut Ring / Kokoskrans

Coconut Ring / Kokoskrans

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These rings are packed with coconut and are perfect for your morning tea or as a treat on the go. Don't forget that you eat them with the paper!

Bronze Medal in the 2023 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!
Bronze Medal in the 2021 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!

Dutch Coconut ring trivia

The paper underneath the coconut ring is edible. It is called 'ouwel'. Similar to rice paper but made of potato starch, water and oil. It is also used for nougat and as a bread label. 

In the Netherlands the coconut ring is often called a coconut macaroon, even though it is not the same. 

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  • Net weight: 53g
  • 1 in sealed package
  • WARNING contains: wheat, egg

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