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Dutch Anisette / DIY Kraamanijs likeur

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All you need is vodka or brandy to make your own Kraamanijs/ Dutch Anisette. This liqueur is more than just anise, which is why it is so delicious. The hints of cardamom and cinnamon make it a warming drink. With this DIY kit you make a centuries old liqueur with real spices. 

We made it really easy to make your own Kraamanijs:  all you need is 250ml of vodka or brandy in a jar. After mixing it with the spices and sugar, shake it every day for two weeks. Use the included filter to filter your kraam anijs and it is ready to enjoy! 

Originally the spices are part of the distilling process and will be a clear liquid, because you know add the spices after your drink it will have a different colour.  

Dutch kraamanijs trivia

In the 17th century Kraamanijs or Anisette was served to the mother straight after giving birth, because of the healing and calming properties. It didn't taste very pleasant back then as it used to have heaps other ingredients in it, such as valerian, camomile and wormwood. It changed over time to a pleasant tasting drink and it became a habit to serve after birth to all visiting friends and family. 

It was believed that after birth anise could bring back the uterus to the original size. It also gave protection against evil spirits. 

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  • Net weight: 74g
  • Makes 250 ml Kraamanijs, add your own vodka or brandy
  • Instructions included
  • Special filter included
  • Free shipping