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Liquorice root sticks/ Zoethout

Liquorice root sticks/ Zoethout

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Break a piece off, start chewing on it and let the sweet liquorice taste come out. Before the industrial manufacturing of candy and drop, zoethout was the sweet treat to go for a lot of kids (and adults!). Liquorice root is the base for all drop (liquorice). 

Dutch zoethout trivia

Did you know the Romans ate liquorice root? 
Liquorice root contains a sweetener (glycyrrhizine) that is 50 times as sweet a sugar (but rest assured, they say it is not bad for your teeth..)

Product details

  • Net weight: 40g
  • 5 liquorice root sticks
  • sealed bag
  • People with high blood pressure have to avoid excessive consumption. 
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