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Mixed bag of sweet Dutch liquorice / gemengde zoete drop

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5 different kinds of liquorice (drop) in one bag! We hand picked and hand mixed these to make sure you get the best drop selection there is! We could eat liquorice all day. 

This bag is perfect for the starting drop eater or for those who don't like their liquorice too salty. 

In this bag of mixed sweet liquorice (gemengde zoete drop): 

  • Liquorice cats / Limburgse Katjes drop(made by Venco): a strong aniseed and liquorice flavour, hard liquorice, cat shaped
  • Liquorice coins / Munt drop (made by Venco): hard and sweet liquorice coins
  • Farmer themed liquorice / Boerderij drop (made by Venco): farmer themed liquorice that is hard and with a hint of salt and the long lasting taste of liquorice and aniseed. 
  • Liquorice bee hives / Honing drop (made by Venco): sweet liquorice with the sweet taste of natural honey
  • Liquorice chalk / Schoolkrijt (white) (made by Venco): this chalk shaped liquorice is crunchy and minty on the outside, sweet aniseed on the inside

All this delicious drop is made by Venco, the best liquorice producer in the Netherlands.

Dutch liquorice trivia

Venco was founded in 1890 in Amsterdam by Gerrit van Voornveld under the name: Van Voornveld & Co. (Venco).
In 1891 an influenza epidemic caused a tremendous increase in the demand for cough suppressing liquorice. Van Voornveld's liquorice recipe proved to be the perfect remedy against an aching throat. This propelled Venco as a liquorice producer. 

Product details:

  • net weight: 250g
  • 5 differents kinds of sweet Dutch liquorice (drop) 
  • WARNING contains: wheat, sulphites
  • product of the Netherlands