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Salmiak candy balls / Salmiak kogels

Salmiak candy balls / Salmiak kogels

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A hard salmiak candy ball with a salty salmiak powder center. A treat for the salty liquorice lovers. The salty salmiak powder will slowly be released.  Salmiak is used to make liquorice 'salty'. 

Made by Napoleon.

The manufacturer of Napoleon says the candy will last for 6 minutes in your mouth. We can't vouch for that because long before the 6 minutes we have bitten it in half and have an explosion of salmiak powder!

Dutch Napoleon trivia 

Louis Janssens was the owner of “sugar bakery” 'In De Gouden Bol'. Louis came up with a new candy at the time, which soon became a success. The delicacy was well received by the people of Antwerp and deserved a name. When a friendly chocolatier boasted about his new praline which he called Caesar during a casual drink, Louis shouted: “Then I will call my candy 'Napoleon'!"

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 200g
  • 1 sealed bag
  • individually packed
  • natural flavouring and colouring
  • gluten free, vegan
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