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Salmiak coins / salmiak poen

Salmiak coins / salmiak poen

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Salmiak coins are moderately salty and slightly sweet. Soft liquorice inside, hard outside and very chewable. 
This golden brown Dutch liquorice (drop) looks like old Dutch coins, embossed with a logo and '1 duit'. 
They are also known as 'salmiak duiten' or 'salmiak riksen'. 

Made by K&H

Dutch salmiak duiten trivia

The duit was a copper Dutch coin worth 2 penning, mostly used in the 17th and 18th century. 
There are a lot of sayings in the Netherlands mentioning the 'duit', here are two examples: 

"Putting a duit in the bag" (Een duit in het zakje doen) – to contribute something
"He is a duit-thief" (Hij is een duitendief) – he is very greedy

Product details

  • 1 sealed bag
  • Net weight 250g
  • WARNING contains: wheat
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