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Salty liqourice mixed bag / gemengde zoute drop

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If you like your liquorice salty, this is the bag for you! 5 different kinds of salty liquorice in one bag. 

This liquorice is for the advanced drop eater!

In this bag of mixed salty liquorice (gemengde zoute drop): 

  • Salty herrings / zoute haringen (made by Matthijs): salty chewy herring shaped liquorice
  • Salmiak money / Salmiak poen (made by CCI/ K&H): also known as 'salmiak duiten' or 'riksen'. Chewy salmiak coins.
  • Salmiak rocks (made by CCI/ K&H): short sweet tubes with a burst of sweet salmiak on the inside\
  • Fortisal (double salt) (made by CCI/ K&H): a firm double salted strong tasting liquorice in rectangular shape with the words 'Forti' (double) and 'Sal' (salt) on it
  • Diamond double salt / Schuin zout (made by CCI/ K&H):  these soft, chewy liquorice diamonds are moderately salty and have a medium soft texture

Product details: 

  • 5 different kinds of salty Dutch liquorice (Drop)
  • Net weight: 250g
  • WARNING contains: wheat
  • product of the Netherlands