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Speculaas biscuits

Speculaas biscuits

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A very crunchy short bread type of biscuit, traditionally shaped.
Spiced with our secret blend of nine different spices. 
Perfect paired with coffee, speculaas is a delicious little treat! We have fond memories of buttering some white bread and putting speculaas biscuits on top. Weird? Absolutely. Utterly delicious? Indeed!!!

Silver Medal in the 2023 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!
Silver Medal in the 2021 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show!
Bronze Medal in the 2021 Tasmania Baking Show by the Baking Association of Australia!

Dutch biscuit trivia

Pronunciation: Speck-you-LAHS

Speculaas was originally made to celebrate St Nicholas day (Sinterklaas), children will put shoes by the chimney before going to bed, and well-behaved children are rewarded by speculaas cookies in their shoes. These days speculaas is available year round. 

The spices used were common in the Netherlands in the 1600–1700s due to the Dutch East Indies spice trade. In those days couples in love would express their desires through the gift giving of speculaas, shaped as humans or even in a representation of St. Nicholas himself. While originally based in religious iconography, nowadays speculaas comes in a variety of shapes.

Product details

  • Net weight: 125g
  • 22 speculaas biscuits in a pack
  • WARNING contains: wheat, milk


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