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Liquorice menthol pastilles / Stophoest (roll)

Liquorice menthol pastilles / Stophoest (roll)

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Best before: 11/05/24

These pastilles (or lozenges) have a pleasant and soft menthol and liquorice taste with some hints of caramel. Although hard when you take them out of the roll, they easily fall apart on your tongue. 

When Richard was little there where always some rolls of sweets in the car. Stophoest was one of those that we occasionally had (besides mints and Topdrop).

Made by Red Band

Dutch stophoest trivia

'Stophoest' literally translates to ' Stop cough'. Even though some claim that it will relieve or stop coughing, none of this is proven. Even the manufacturer doesn't make any of these claims. But is a nice pastille to eat. 

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  • Best before: 11/05/24
  • 1 roll
  • Net weight 47g
  • Gluten free
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