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Chewy caramel biscuits / Stroopkoeken

Chewy caramel biscuits / Stroopkoeken

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Maximum 4 per customer.

A chewy caramel biscuit. Two crunchy biscuits with our delicious caramel syrup in between. You won't be able to eat only one

Silver medal winner at the 2023 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards.

Dutch biscuit trivia

We made these biscuits even more awesome because they have our logo on it! 
It is said that the stroopkoek originated in Gouda in 1945. The pastor of the Sint Janskerk (Saint Jans Church) wanted to treat their choir on stroopwafels. The only problem was he had not enough money for them. A local baker came up with an alternative: two  biscuits with caramel syrup in between! 

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  • Net weight: 250g
  • 1 pack with 5 biscuits
  • Warning contains: egg, wheat, milk, soy
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