Stroopwafel Big Bite / Large Dutch syrup waffle
Stroopwafels Dutch syrup waffles

Stroopwafel Big Bite / Dutch syrup waffle

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A stroopwafel for the serious stroopwafel lover! Three times the size of a regular one! 

This bad boy is the best seller in our market stall!

Dutch biscuit Trivia

The stroopwafel is baked in a special stroopwafel iron, then cut to make a perfectly round waffle. With epic knife skills it is sliced in half, generously topped with caramel syrup and sandwiched back together. Dessert for dinner ladies and gentlemen!


Product details

  • Nett weight: 98g
  • 1 Big Bite Stroopwafel in a pack
  • WARNING contains: egg, soy, wheat, milk