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Stroopwafels - dutch syrup waffles - Big Bite Dutch Treats
Stroopwafles - Dutch syrup waffles - Big BIte Dutch Treats
Big Bite Dutch Treats - stroopwafels winner silver medal Hobart fine food show

Stroopwafels (8pack) / Dutch syrup waffles

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A thin biscuit filled with a delicious, slightly spiced, caramel syrup. 
Eat these the Dutch way and let them sit for a bit on top of your cuppa. They will get nice warm and gooey, very moorish!

Silver Medal in the 2021 Tasmanian Fne Food Awards!
Bronze Medal in the 2020 Tasmania Baking Show organised by the Baking Association of Australia!
Silver Medal in the 2019 Hobart Fine Food Show!

Dutch biscuit trivia!

Pronunciation: Str-oh-hope-waaavel

The stroopwafels are baked in a special iron for 1 minute. Then we cut them to give it its round shape. The waffle is carefully sliced in half and generously coated with caramel syrup. The halves are then put back on to each other and your waffle is ready! 

Stroopwafels originate in Gouda (The Netherlands) in the 19th century. It is said that  they were made from stroopwafel offcuts, dough left overs and syrup. This made it cheap to make and was therefor called 'armen koek' or poor people biscuits. Some dispute this history and say there is no evidence of this. 
Due to high demand of the stroopwafel, bakers did not have enough offcuts and dough left overs and started developing their own recipes. Stroopwafel recipes are one of the best kept secrets in the Netherlands! Big Bite Dutch Treats has its own secret recipes for both the syrup and the dough. The ultimate comfort food for the Dutch around the world, our stroopwafels are very popular at markets and events. 

Product details

  • Net weight: 272g
  • 8 Stroopwafels in a pack
  • WARNING contains: egg, soy, wheat, milk

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