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Stroopwafels in gift tin

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Fresh baked stroopwafels in a Delft blue tin. You can't secretly stash your stroopwafels in this tin, the big stroopwafel printed on the top gives it away! 
With a Delft blue print and the famous kissing couple, you can't go wrong in the stroopwafel gift department..

Winner of the Silver Medal in the 2021 Tasmanian Fine Food Awards!
Winner of the Bronze Medal in the 2020 Tasmania Baking Show organised by the Baking Association of Australia!
Winner of the Silver Medal in the 2019 Hobart Fine Food Show!

Dutch stroopwafel Trivia

The stroopwafel is baked in a special stroopwafel iron, then cut to make a perfectly round waffle. With epic knife skills it is sliced in half, generously topped with caramel syrup and sandwiched back together. Dessert for dinner ladies and gentlemen!

Product details: 

  • 1 tin (Size: H 10cm, D 9.5cm/  H 3.9inch, D 3.75inch)
  • 1 pack with 8 stroopwafels (272g)
  • Warning stroopwafels contain: dairy, wheat, egg, soy