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Aap-noot-mies tin filled with classic Dutch sweets

Aap-noot-mies tin filled with classic Dutch sweets

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A classic looking tin filled with classic Dutch sweets. The tin shows a reading board that was used by many in the first half of the 20th century in The Netherlands. 

Those who grew up with the reading board will definitely recognise the sweets in this tin. 

This mix of soft pillows and hard sweets is a true classic. Our old-fashioned Dutch mix is sure to bring back memories.

The mix contains: 
kaneelkussentjes (cinnamon pillows)
roomboterwafels (buttered waffle candy),
framboosjes (raspberry rounds),
pepermuntkussentjes (peppermint pillows),
dropkussentjes (liquorice pillows), 
groentjes (we think it is Reine Claude)

Dutch aap-noot-mies trivia

One of the pictures shown on the tin is the dog with the word ' kees' underneath. It is not the name of the dog it is a breed named ' kees hond' (hond = dog). But in case you were wondering, 'Kees' (with a capital) is also a name. 
Read more about the history here

Product details:

  • 1 tin filled with sweets
  • Size tin:  H 8.5cm, D10cm / H 3.3inch, D 3.9inch
  • Net weight sweets: 250g 
  • Mix of 6 different lollies
  • The ratio between the different lollies may vary
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