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Bisal triple salt liquorice / Bisal drie dubbel zout

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Our saltiest drop in stock! With a whopping 14% salmiak content this drop will rock your socks off!
We like that you have to 'work' hard to chew through this liquorice. 

Made by Meenk (owned by Van Vliet, The Candy Company). 

Dutch drop Trivia

Salty liquorice does not usually contain ordinary salt (natrium chloride) but 'salmiak salt'. Also known as Sal Ammoniac or ammonium chloride. Salmiak salt gives salty liquorice an astringent, salty taste, akin to that of tannins —a characteristic of red wines, which adds bitterness and astringency to the flavour. 

The higher the salmiak salt content the saltier the drop. 

Product details

  • 1 bag
  • Net weight 250g
  • WARNING contains: wheat
  • Natural colours and flavours.