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Wilhelmina mints / Wilhelmina pepermunt

Wilhelmina mints / Wilhelmina pepermunt

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For more than 120 years, Wilhelmina Mints are known for their unique and fresh taste with a royal note. This hard mint is a real Dutch favourite.
Every mint has a picture of former Dutch Queen Wilhelmina! 

Dutch Wilhelmina Mint trivia

Wilhelmina Mints were created in 1892 by Fortuin in honour of the company’s 50th anniversary and as a homage to the Dutch princess Wilhelmina, who was 12 years old at that time. The portrait of princess Wilhelmina can be found on each mint tablet.

The first box of Wilhelmina Mints was offered to the Dutch Royal Family. They were so delighted that they granted Fortuin the predicate Warrant Holder of the Dutch Royal Family. Fortuin still owns this royal status today and Wilhelmina Mints are as popular as ever!

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 250g
  • Packed in sealed bag
  • Gluten free, natural mint oil
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