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Menthol liquorice diamonds / Wybert

Menthol liquorice diamonds / Wybert

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Wybert is a small diamond shaped pastille (or lozenge). It has a pleasant liquorice root flavour with medium menthol taste. Wybert leaves a long lasting soothing after taste. 

Also called Wybertjes or Wybertdrop.

The traditional  way to eat Wybert is a as follows: hold the tin in the right hand and shift the lid to the right. Hold it on an angle and tap on the left hand palm until you have the desired amount of Wybert. This tapping noise is a sentimental sound for a lot of people. 

Made by Klene. 

Dutch Wybert trivia

It is said that 'Wybert' is the only sweet that has made it  into the official Dutch dictionary: 'Dikke van Dale'

Wybert is an invention of Dr Emile Wybert. He invented the Wybert in 1847 who was inspired by Native Americans who were chewing on liquorice root to soothe a sore throat.  

Product details

  • 1 handy pocket size tin
  •  net weight 35 g
  • WARNING: intake of liquorice root can increase blood pressure.   
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