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Wycam's borstbollen (traditional cough drops) in gift tin

Wycam's borstbollen (traditional cough drops) in gift tin

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Borstbollen (cough drops) recipe and shape (a rounded pillow) haven't changed for over 70 years! The recipe of these nostalgic treats are still a secret but experts say they taste a hint of vanilla, liquorice and/ or honey,  

It is said that the Borstbollen have a healing effect on throat and airways. Although it has never officially been confirmed. 

Part of the ritual (and also necessary) is to shake the tin every time before opening, because the Borstbollen will stick together!

Dutch Borstbollen trivia

The Wycam’s name originates from Camille Wyckmans. Camille began his career in 1946, in the borough of Schoten. It is said that his grocer's store was looted during world war two. With some of the remaining supplies he made his first “Borstbollen®” – “Cough-Drops” in English – on a traditional Leuvense Kachel stove at home, based on a regional recipe. Initially, he sold his Cough-Drops from home in his own grocer’s shop

 Product details: 

  • 1 tin including borstbollen
  • Net weight: 325g
  • Gluten free
  • Only natural ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours



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