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Salmiak pastilles / Zwart witjes

Salmiak pastilles / Zwart witjes

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Zwart Witjes or Black White Mix are peppermint shelled liquorice with strong salmiak flavour inside. These hard crunchy pastilles are for the advanced drop (Dutch liquorice) eater, as it is filled with salty salmiak. 
The combination of peppermint shell with salmiak is very addictive! And we say that from experience. 

Dutch zwart-witjes trivia

Zwart - witjes translates to ' little black - whites'

The salty taste doesn't come from actual salt (natrium chloride) as we use in the kitchen but from ammoniumchloride (salmiak)

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 200g
  • WARNING contains: Wheat
  • Product of the Netherlands
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