Do you make the biscuits yourself? 
Yes, we make everything ourselves. Everything is made from scratch with the best and mostly local ingredients.  

Is it really all typical Dutch? 
Yes, we migrated to Australia in 2010, and we are both originally Dutch. Although technically not anymore, because we are now Australian citizens. We make everything with traditional Dutch recipes. 

Do you have a store that we can visit? 
We have a online store from where we ship Australia wide and we trade from markets and events around Tasmania. You are welcome to pick up your from our location in Poatina but only by prior arrangement. 

Do you ship throughout Australia? 
Yes, we do! All our products (except pastries) can be sent throughout Australia! 

Do you make kroketten?
No we don't.

How long does it take for my order to arrive? 
Your order is shipped from rural Tasmania via Australia Post. 
Please check here for shipping/ delivery times: 
For detailed information about shippingd/delivery times: 

Are there any allergens in your products? 
In the description of each product you will find the allergen information specific for that product. Please note that all our products are produced in the same kitchen and therefor all of our products MAY CONTAIN traces of nuts, dairy, egg, peanuts, soy, sesame seeds, wheat.

Can you send an apple pie interstate?
Unfortunately, no. That would require refrigerated overnight transport. As you can imagine, we would have trouble organising that. 

Where do you deliver?
Our biscuits and pantry items are sent through Australia Post. If you would like to order anything else, or if you would like to pick up your order from our market stall, please contact us before you order. 

How long will my biscuits stay fresh?
All our products have a Best Before Date on the packaging. Once opened, they will stay fresh in an airtight container or tin. Do not put different biscuits in the same container or tin, they we go soft and old very quickly. 

Do you have a rewards program?
Yes we do, only for online purchases. You can find more information about the rewards program by clicking on the rewards button on the bottom right of the page.