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Boerenbont keep cup / koffie beker to go

Boerenbont keep cup / koffie beker to go

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Coffee on the go with Dutch history! This double-walled porcelain keep cup shows the traditional Dutch Boerenbont pattern. To make it even more unique: it is hand painted! The text on the mug says: 'altijd warme koffie' (always warm coffee). The Boerenbont motive has been on many Dutch tables for over 175 years and gives a warm, recognisable nostalgic feel. Gezellig!

Made by Royal Boch since 1841.

Dutch Boerenbont trivia

Translated from Dutch: "boer" means farmer and "bont" refers to a mixture of colours.

Boerenbont refers to the type of decoration. Petrus Regout produced the first Boerenbont in 1841. Soon after it was copied by many others. 
Before it was called Boerenbont it was called 'nr. 15' and/or 'decor Zeeland'. Between world wars one and two people started calling it Boerenbont because it was affordable for the poor farmers. An other option for the origin of the name is that the decorations reflect farming landscapes: the green grass, blue sky and red with yellow flowers. 

Read more about the history of Boerenbont and Royal Boch here

Product details: 

  • Capacity / volume: 370ml
  • Size: H15 x W9.5 cm; H5.9 x W3.75 inches
  • Material: double-walled porcelain (lid is made of silicone)
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Certificate of authenticity included 

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