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Fresh mix / Hoest melange

Fresh mix / Hoest melange

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A refreshing mix to keep the sinuses clear! This tasty mix consists of 5 different sweets. Lightly sugar coated, soft and chewy, except for that tasty oval one, that is hard.

5 different fresh sweets in this mix, what do they taste like? 
yellow: very minty
green: strong eucalyptus
large black: liquorice 
brown oval: light menthol and liquorice taste with some hints of caramel.
brown cube: aniseed

Made by Matthijs

Dutch hoest melange trivia

Richard and Melanie both remember this from the pharmacy/ chemist. There would always be a bowl on the counter with hoest melange. If the wait was long, we would kindly ask if we could please have another one...

Product details: 

  • Net weight: 250g
  • sealed bag
  • WARNING contains: n/a

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