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Oval baking rings / Kano ringen

Oval baking rings / Kano ringen

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With these oval baking rings you can bake the best kano's! These professional baking rings are used in bakeries across The Netherlands. 
Please note that kano's (almond fingers) are baked in the ring. 

Because these baking rings are handmade it may happen that there are little scratches on the rings. This does not affect the baking result!

Dutch kano trivia

Did you know a kano is the same as a rondo? The only difference is the shape! 

Outside The Netherlands a kano is also know as an almond finger.  

Product details

  • 1 ring
  • Size: L90 x W 35 x H30mm, L3.5 x W1.4 x H1.2 inches.
  • Hand wash only with hot water, do not use detergent. Dry after washing.


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