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Liquorice chalk / schoolkrijt (white or black)

Liquorice chalk / schoolkrijt (white or black)

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Black, white or mixed?

Black and white liqourice chalk. The white chalk has a crunchy mint exterior with a soft anise filling. The black chalk has a sweet tasty liquorice flavour with a crunchy outside and soft inside! The black chalk and withe chalk make the perfect pair!

Made by Venco, well known liquorice producer in the Netherlands.
The white liqourice chalk is the most sold liquorice by Venco in The Netherlands!

Dutch chalk trivia

Founded in 1890 in Amsterdam by Gerrit van Voornveld under the name: Van Voornveld & Co. (Venco).

Product details: 

  • net weight: 250g, choose from white or black
  • WARNING contains: wheat
  • does not contain gelatine
  • product of The Netherlands

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