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Salmiak mix

Salmiak mix

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A very tasty mix of three different hard lollies. All with a very strong salmiak and liquorice flavour. They taste more sweet than salty. Popular in Germany and Nordic countries. 

Made by Küfa in Germany

3 different liquorices in one bag: 

Salmiak chunks: a square, hard and sweet with strong salmiak taste, great balance with salmiak salt and sugar.  
Alster drops: black and white coloured round hard sweets with a slightly salty aniseed-liquorice taste. Known from the popular Küfa Alster lollipops. 
Lico-drops: sugary rounds, a hard sweet with strong liquorice taste. Tastes a bit like 'Italiano'

Product details

  • Net weight: 250g
  • Sealed bag
  • WARNING contains: wheat, gluten
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