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Syrup Soldiers/ Stroopsoldaatjes

Syrup Soldiers/ Stroopsoldaatjes

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Best before 30/04/24
A stroopsoldaatje is a traditional and nostalgic candy. The sweet and caramel-y cones, rolled in paper, will bring back the taste of funfairs, childhood and eras gone by. 

Made by Kindly's (Van Vliet).

Dutch stroopsoldaatjes trivia

Literally translated stroopsoldaatjes means: 'syrup soldier', it is also known as strooplikker, meaning 'syrup licker'. 
Stroopsoldaatjes are similar to another Dutch candy called lektoeten, which means 'lick tongues'. This candy is mostly known in the province of 'Brabant'. 

Product details: 

  • Best before: 30/04/24
  • Number in bag: 4
  • Length each: 12 cm; 4.7 inch
  • Net weight: 64g
  • Sealed bag
  • WARNING contains: n/a
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