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Aap-noot-mies gift set

Aap-noot-mies gift set

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Our entire aap-noot-mies collection in one set! All items show the vintage Dutch reading board used for years by many in The Netherlands. All the tins are filled: with mints, award winning biscuits and Dutch sweets. And to top it off: our aap-noot-mies shopping bag!

Included in this set: 

1 tin with mints
1 biscuit tin with 1 pack Jan Hail biscuits/ Jan Hagel and 1 pack with Speculaas biscuits
1 tin filled with Classic Dutch sweets
1 shopping tote

Dutch aap-noot-mies trivia

The learn to read method with aap-noot-mies was first used 1890, renewed in 1910 and used well into the 1950's. 
Read more about the aap - noot - mies reading board here.

Product details

  • 1 tin with miints: size: L6cm  x H1.7 x W5cm, L2.4 x H0.7 x W2inch, net weight: 23g
  • 1 tin with Classis Dutch sweets, size tin:  H 8.5cm, D10cm / H 3.3inch, D 3.9inchn, net weight sweets: 250g , mix of 6 different lollies
  • 1 shopping bag: size: 33 x 41cm, 13 x 16.1 inches, material: fabric
  • 1 tin filled with biscuits: size tin: D18 x H7 cm, D7 x H2.8 inches, biscuits included: Jan Hail (net weight: 135g), speculaas biscuits (net weight 125g), warning contains: egg, dairy, wheat, nuts
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